Between the Lines (Brene Brown 13)

Between the Lines (Brene Brown 13)


Right, so I worked through Contextualizing vs Individualizing.  Not let’s look at Normalizing vs Pathologizing.


I think the words we most need to here (and Brene says it in her book) is “You’re not alone” and that is what this blog is all about.  That’s at the heart of normalizing. It’s saying ‘your soft bits drive you crazy? Don’t worry, me too and about a billion other women out there.’


The opposite of normalizing is pathologizing. This is where we feel like we’re the only one or at least the only one we know who feels the way we feel and falls short of the expectations we come up against.  Instead of feeling normal, we then feel abnormal. And that feeling of being different is fertile soil for shame to grow.


In order to develop shame resilience we need to work at seeing the bigger picture and reaslising that we are very much NOT alone and that what we feel and think are pretty normal (most of the time!) We really do need to look at our cultural, social, economic and even religious environments in order to get this bigger picture.  If I were a Latina woman I’m sure my soft bits would be my best parts and I would have grown up swaying them down the street with pride.  Instead I fall under the UK/USA banner where Twiggy still rules and skeletal is the norm.


That’s all for this segment – I’ve got one more heading of Brene’s to work through and then I’ll start applying it all to my struggling psyche!

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